Old School's Trouble

Date of Birth:  June 1982
Trouble was the puppy we chose to keep out of the breeding of Hannibal to Julie.  Trouble was a very well structured bitch.  She was major pointed but did not finish because she was killed in a freak accident during a thunderstorm while we were away from home for the day.  She only had one litter before her death, and that was the litter that litter produced two puppies, an apricot female, and an apricot brindle female.  The apricot female went to a nice family near the beach who loved her very much, but never did much with her.  The apricot brindle female, we kept, and she went on to become Ch. Old School's Ursa Major.  This one litter is what really makes the bloodline of Old School mastiffs different from the lines of all other breeders today.  There simply is not other kennel that is line breeding on this combination.


Ch. Hannibal of Makar
Am. Can. Ch. Tiberias of Kisumu
Eng. Ch. Threebees Friar of Copenore
Jason of Copenore
Cleopatra of Saxondale
Hannah of Kisumu
Beaucaris Marcus of Kisumu
Bracken of Kisumu
Ch. Beau Cheval's Marakesh
Berngarth Winston
Ch. Frideswide Hereward
Peach Farm Ann
Princess Taffy of Woodglen
Peach Farm Prince Charles
Peach Farm Melba
Mistress Julia of Massalane
Ch. Nemo of Massalane
Douglas' Little
Am. Eng. Ch. Alexas of Avonwaters
Eng. Ch. Odette of Kisumu
Gasparilla Farms Margaret
Willowledge Albert
Werenhold Brunhilda
Mistress Clovia of Massalane
Rufus of Heatherbrook
Petite Princess Tamora
Mistress Jill of Buckhall
Eng. Ch. Threebees Friar of Copenore
Mistress Alice of Buckhall

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