Ch. Old School's Panama Red

Date of Birth:  December 4, 1983
On one cold winter day, near Christmas, a puppy was born, head first, on the tile kitchen floor.  With that sharp crack, one of the most indelible personalities to ever grace the halls of the Old School was born.  Red was the product of a line breeding on Tiberias of Kisumu.  He was a big, solid apricot boy that was solid muscle and bone. 
This shot was taken when Red was a very young dog.
Red was a permanent fixture at Pharmacy Plus where he delighted young and old alike.  He enjoyed going to work, and especially loved it when little kids were in the store so that he could perform his routine of "surfing" (lying on his back with his legs up and twisting his body from side to side) to a few hummed bars of "Surf City" by the Beach Boys.  This shot was taken at the store as he took interest in the new addition to the menagerie at the store, a squirrel named Gladys.  It shows that he also had a very nice, typey head.
Red possessed one of the nicest rears we've ever seen on a mastiff.  This shot of him in our front yard gives you some idea of his angulation, and second thigh.


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