Ch. Old School's Lady Portia

Date of Birth:  March 5, 1989
Portia was an extremely sweet girl, just like her mother.  She also had her mother's excellent rear.  She also had an absolutely beautiful head.  It looked so much like her father, Major's, that it was almost uncanny.  Portia was a very "doggy" bitch and that was somewhat of an detriment to her in the show ring.
She was 3 before she was finally able to snag that last major, and we had waited to breed her until she was finished.  She did not conceive the first few times we bred her and we were afraid she might never conceive.  She even came down with pyo once.  We did the treatments on her and tried again and she finally did have puppies.  We are fortunate for that because the pups out of her are very nice and very much a part of our line today. 
Portia had a beautiful head and a super sweet personality.


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