Ch. Old School's Mitra Major

Date of Birth:  July 5, 1986
Ch. Old School's Mitra Major
Mitra was an extremely sound and very typey bitch.  Her conformation was so excellent that she finished as a puppy.  She was from the second breeding of Ursa to Ezekiel.  The breeding was actually repeated because, in the first litter there was a very black brindle female that died at one week of age.  We wanted to get that girl.  So, we repeated the breeding and we got Mitra.  Mitra was that very black brindle girl who was extremely striking.
Mitra won several Awards of Merit at M.C.O.A. National Specialties and even best Veteran, but her most prominent prize was winning Best of Opposite Sex at the 1989 National Specialty.
Mitra also did well in the Tournament of Mastiffs at the Nationals she attended.  The next 3 photos are from her Tournament placements. 
One interesting fact many people don't know about Mitra is that we lost her once.  One evening during a thunderstorm, Mitra was in a yard with Major, and he let them both out of the yard and they both took off running.  While they were crossing the road, they were both hit by our neighbor's car.  Major ran home, but Mitra was frightened and ran away.  She was gone for 7 days.  We searched for her constantly.  There were sightings of her on both sides of a nearby 4-lane divided highway, and several times we missed her by only a few hours.  Finally, we gave up hope of her returning and then we returned home one weekend from a soccer game and she was on our deck.  She was terribly thin and covered in seed ticks but otherwise was uninjured.  It was an awful experience but we were extremely happy to have her back.
Mitra was a very sweet girl who was also very much on the dim side as far as intelligence goes.  She was also known for her extremely long tongue, as was her brother Remo.  One of the most striking things about her, aside from her very dark color, was her extremely fluid movement.  She moved extremely straight and true, with strong reach and drive.


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