1998 MCOA National Specialty Pictures, Page 2

Brood Bitch

1st and 2nd place in Brood Bitch... Ch Cluny's Snip of Parsley (and her 2 Otis kids), and Ch. Acorn Hill Morgana Pendragon CGC and her 2 kids. (Morgana is the one being shown with the hanging boobs)

3rd and 4th in Brood Bitch... Ch Lady Ruby the Gem of Jersey (either out of the picture on the one to the far left facing head on) and Ch. Tyger Hall Marylin Monmo (3rd from right her 2 kids the last 2 in the picture to the right)

Stud Dog


1st in stud dog was Ch. Ridgewood Otis, shown here with his 2 kids.

2nd was Ch Creekside NKOTB Mighty Hogan (far left, with 2 kids) and 3rd was Ch Greiner Hall Jedadiah (3rd from right with his 2 kids).


6-8 year veteran bitches 1st-4th. Ch. Iron Hills Earned Interest, Ch Sillars Goddess Athena CGC, Ch Iron Hills Bet the Farm, Ch. Acorn Hills Aster.

Veteran dog, 6-8 years, 1-4. Ch Ridegwood Otis, Ch Greiner Hall Jedadiah, Ch Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon, Ch Avalon's Lord Cearbhallain CD CGC.

vet dog 6-8... Ch Storm Tatanka O'Applewhites CGC, Ch. Avalons Tuscon Warrior CGC, CH Greiner Hall Jedadiah, Ch Ridgewood Otis.

vet dogs 6-8. Ch Britestar's Shadow Boxer, Ch Creekview's Major Montgomery, Ch Sagi Tiamat's Trick or Treat, Ch Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon, Ch. Night Stalkers Sillars Clyde.


Clarence (Ch. Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon)


Clyde (Ch Night Stalkers Sillars Clyde)


Monty (Ch Creekview's Major Montgomery CD CGC)


Ch Ridgewood Otis

Vet Dog Over 8 years, Ch Swords Southern Gentleman (ended up in 2nd place, with his owner handler Susan Short) and Ch Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon CGC.

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