Ch. O'School Blacknight Madalene

Date of Birth:  April 11, 1986
Maddie was a pick puppy out of a breeding that LaVelle Knight did with her Victoria to our boy Red. Maddie had super type and an excellent rear.
This is a shot of Maddie as a very young girl.
This is a picture of Maddie that has appeared in a number of Mastiff books.  Some photographers took a number of pictures of Maddie at a dog show in Charlottesville and the pictures have been popping up in books ever since.
Maddie was a real sweetheart of a girl and one of the cutest quirks about her personality was her obsession with anything squeaky.  She would go absolutely wild if she heard a squeaky toy (which sometimes did her in in the show ring).  When she had puppies she couldn't stand to hear them cry.  She'd worry herself to death trying to soothe them.  This shot to the right is of Maddie jumping up to check out a squeaky toy.


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