Ch. Old School's Inga

Date of Birth: June 29, 1996
Inga at 4 years of age.
Inga was one of nicest bitches we've ever had the pleasure of producing. We knew that we needed to breed Inga's mother, Penny, to an outcross since she was heavily line bred, as were all the males we had in our kennel at the time. So, we searched and searched for a stud and we ended up settling on a dog that was recently imported from Sweden.
Inga at 4 years of age.
Gorn, though from the Swedish kennel Alvedor's, essentially goes back to all English lines, and he is tightly line bred on Medicine Man. What sets his Medicine Man lines apart from most of the American dogs that have Medicine Man in them is that the bitch Medicine Man was bred to in Gorn's pedigree is a different one.
Inga winning her first major.
So we settled on Gorn, for his line first, and second, because he complimented Penny excellently. Gorn had a big broad skull, lots of angulation and a very strong rear, and he moved like nothing you've ever seen. On top of all that he had that excellent round bone that we strive for.
Inga at 3 years of age.
The breeding produced a whole litter of excellent puppies.  We kept two, a male and female (which is, incidentally, why we never bred Penny again, we got all we could ever want from her in that one breeding).
Inga turned out to be as nice as she promised to be as a pup.  Her structure was excellent, especially her rear, which was just amazing.  She had super type and she was the sweetest thing in the world, though she was a tad spoiled...
Inga has a very nice head.
Inga had a beautiful, typey head.
We are very happy to have had Inga and her beautiful daughter, Angel, who she lives on though.
Inga was a spoiled puppy.
She was a very unique girl and we loved her very much!


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