Old School's Dudley Dolittle

Date of Birth: June 29, 1996
Dudley as a pup.
We were extremely pleased with the result of our breeding out to Gorn.  With Dudley, we kept the pick male from the litter and he turned out to be a very nice boy.  This shot shows Dudley as a year old puppy.
Dudley looks like his dad.
This shot, taken at 2 years of age, shows just how much he resembled his father, Gorn.  You can see his head and bone and type, though he is still immature.
Dudley is 3 in this picture and his maturity is beginning to come on.  His head is beautiful and his body and bone is excellent.
Dudley we were very pleased with the litter he produced with our girl, Pasha. The puppies were large and typey with excellent structure.
Dudley had a beautiful head, excellent angulation, a solid and level topline, and huge bone. He really added a lot to our line and his stamp is evident in Ming, Pippa, Greta, and all his Pasha kids.


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Sw.Ch. Glynpedr Tom Collins
Ch.Glynpedr Tizer
Zanfi Barberry
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