Ch. Old School's Drucilla

Date of Birth:  October 14, 1994
Dru at 6 years of age.
Dru was out of Portia's second litter of puppies.  When we were trying to decide which puppy we were going to keep it came down to Dru and her sister who was a fawn.  We had a puppy buyer who wanted a very nice show quality female, and so what we did was tell that person to pick which puppy she wanted and we would take the other.
Dru at 6 years of age.
The buyer settled on the fawn girl, who was larger than Dru, and so we kept the little black brindle girl.  As you can see, Dru turned out to be quite a tank of a girl, and we are very pleased to have her in our line.
Dru in the ring at the 1996 MCOA National Specialty.
Dru finishing with a flair.
Dru did not burn up the show rings even though she possessed an excellent rear, a good front and a super head and her movement was very nice.  Judges seemed to not know what to do with a bitch that was doggier than most of the males!  She did place 4th in a very large Open Brindle Bitch class at the 1996 MCOA National Specialty.  This is a shot of her in the ring that day.  Her excellent angulation is visible in this shot.
In fact the main thing that helped Dru finish was the fact that mastiff breeder-judges put her up readily.  To the left is Dru going WB, BOW, and BOS over specials for a 5-point-major at the Old Dominion Kennel Club supported entry.  The judge is Mr. Richard Thomas of Bredwardine mastiffs.  The next fall Dru repeated her feat, this time under American breeder-judge Mr. James Zellen, and that one finished her.  Dru ended up finishing with all majors, though that somewhat hides the difficulty we had in finding an all breed judge to accept a mastiff bitch that was both a brindle and a very typey one at that!
Ch. Old School's Drucilla... a bit camera shy...
We love Dru very much and were very pleased with the puppies she produced in a mating with her grandfather, Sagar.  We kept a female (Leelu) and co-own a male (Don Juan) from this litter.
The shot to the left of Dru in the snow was taken when she was only around a year and a half of age.  The other shots are just to give you an idea of how beautiful her head is, and to show you what we expect our bitches heads to look like.
Dru has a beautiful head.
A profile of Dru's head.
Dru, almost 10 years old.
Dru at 9 years and 11 months of age.

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