Old School Ben's Autumn Major

Date of Birth:  May 24, 1987
Ch. Autumn River Big Ben was chosen as the stud to breed Ursa to for her last litter of puppies.  This was after an unsuccessful attempt to breed to one of his sons.  Ben provided a bloodline that was completely removed from the Deer Run lines  and the Tiberias lines that had been introduced to the Old School line through Ursa's first three litters.  The idea was that the puppies produced in the Ursa X Ben breeding could be bred to the puppies from the Ursa X Ezekiel breedings and the Ursa X Mc Munger breeding.  The breeding produced only two puppies, a male and a female who were dubbed Mrs. Butterworth and Flapjack after the meal Ursa consumed only a few hours before she gave birth to them.
We kept the female and the name Butter stuck with her.  She was a beautiful apricot bitch with very black pigment.  Butter was a very broad girl, and her extraordinary quality was her rear.  Both Ursa and Ben had spectacular rears and Butter certainly ended up benefiting from that fact.  Her second thigh was pronounced, her angulation was excellent, and her rear was broad and correctly set.  Butter has contributed much to our line today, and that rear is her stamp.  She also was key in reducing white and improving bites in our line.
This shot shows Butter as a very young puppy in the house next to her buddy, Red (Ch. Old School's Panama Red).  Most of people probably have not seen pictures of Butter before, though she is starting to show up in many pedigrees today because of the popularity of her son Sagar (Ch. Old School's Sgt. Major's Sagar) and her grandson Monty (Ch. Creekview's Major Montgomery) as stud dogs.


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