Old School's Maj's Brawny Bubba

Date of Birth: September 12, 1990
Bubba was the pick puppy out of a two puppy litter.  When we got him we had already decided that we were not going to call him "Bubba" which is the name given to him by his breeder, and which also happened to be the name of his brother.  When we saw him, though, we had no choice.  He simply was a Bubba.
He had a brief flurry of success in the show ring (placing in the Puppy Sweepstakes at the 1991 M.C.O.A. National Specialty, and winning one major) but after that he ended up tearing a cruciate ligament which effectively ended his show career.  He could have finished, but we did not want him to be out there moving in a manner that was not his true movement.  You can see in this picture to the right that Bubba had a beautiful, very much like his father's.
Bubba enjoyed hanging out at the house and eventually fell in love with his kennel mate, Vicky (Ch. Old School's Victoria).  Here is a shot of him in the late afternoon sun in at 8 and a half years of age.


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